Get Accurate Address Verification and Better Leads

Our expert address verification technology allows you to trust and grow your database of potential and current customers. We refine and standardize your data through real-time address validation, so you can count on the contacts you have in your store — but we do not stop there.

By providing additional information about each address, we ensure you have inclusive information about each individual. Using our extensive nationwide directories, coupled with the most up-to-date information available, allows for address verification as comprehensive as it is customizable.

Think lead conversion, maximization of marketing spend, and effective debt collection. High-quality, accurate address validation can transform the way your organization deals with its data.

Address Validation Enables Access to All Kinds of Data

Imagine this scenario:

  1. A visitor enters their mailing address on your website.
  2. Verification of the address in real time ensures the validity and accuracy of what has been entered. Address corrections take place on the spot.
  3. The address is standardized across all your records, leaving you with a faultless, comprehensive database.

Our address verification software creates complete and accurate databases.

Maintaining this level of lead regimentation is non-negotiable when it comes to any data-driven marketing initiative. You need to trust the relationship between your web services and the database they populate — and our address verification services allow you to do just that.

But we do not stop at address validation. We help you grow your database outwards by providing key information attached to the addresses on your records.

With the help of our nationwide database, cross-checked with the most up-to-date information, we can provide the corresponding phone number, name, email address, and demographic information for every address.

With this incredibly reliable data at your fingertips, you can benefit from:

  • Better lead conversion: The more accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date your data is, the better chance you have of transforming a prospect into a paying customer.
  • Faster response times: Avoid wasting time with incomplete or inaccurate addresses and get to your leads sooner. You no longer have to waste time looking up a missing zip code or checking whether the entry refers to a street or an avenue.
  • Improved customer service: The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. Personalize your approach with reliable consumer data.
  • Increased ROI on your marketing initiatives: With improved lead conversions, you can protect your bottom line. Address verification software helps you make the most of each cent spent toward marketing goals.
  • Save money on wasted postage: Turn the postal service from foe to friend by avoiding spending money on mail that goes nowhere.

By incorporating address verification into your marketing strategy, you can enjoy the undeniable benefits of tapping into a wealth of accurate data.

Skip Tracing Data Solutions Make Debt Collection Simple

Debt collection is one of the oldest games in the book of business. Until the arrival of advanced skip tracing tools, collections professionals had to rely on archaic methods of chasing debtors in a seemingly eternal game of cat and mouse.

This is no longer the case. Our skip tracing data solutions have transformed the collection process, granting you access to a customer database of over 400 million names and 1.3 billion address records. Our address verification technology allows us to go back over 25 years of historical contact information.

The result? Verified customer records you can trust, complete with a detailed history for each individual.

By searching our massive historical Consumer Referential Database (CRD) and TNR phone dates, our skip tracing solutions can help you locate both current and alternative contact information, including:

  • Current address, including the street address and mailing address
  • Historical addresses, including city and state, as well as international addresses
  • Aliases
  • Current Phone numbers

Our systems have been developed with the Credit Reporting Act, so your debt collection efforts remain above board. Through access to our comprehensive data banks, you can verify credit header information for each debtor.

The benefits of our skip tracing data solutions are clear:

Increase the probability of a successful party contacts

We provide skip tracing solutions with options to receive up to 10 relevant addresses, two aliases and 10 phone numbers, which increases the probability you’ll reach the right contact.

Extensive consumer contact data that’s second to none

The Data Group’s phone database has over 500 million phone numbers. We regularly capture information from thousands of public and proprietary sources, which provides the most current information for hard-to-reach contacts.

Social security and deceased data verification

We provide social security number matching options, which ensure an exact match. Our solutions also provide information on deceased consumers, including the date of death.

Access data in real-time on any platform

You can retrieve our skip tracing data through our real-time open API. We offer access to data directly on any platform you might need. It’s 100% automated and capable of high volume processing of over millions of records each month.

You don’t have to spend hours on debt collection efforts that never seem to go anywhere. We have the tools – you get to use them.

Data Solutions for Verifying Addresses

The Data Group’s address verification software provides solutions that you can trust to boost your efficiency, maximize your marketing spend, and accelerate your debt collection capabilities.

Our services are:

  • Accurate: Our address validation solution has unparalleled accuracy. This specific address information keeps your CRM databases clean by entering confirmed addresses from the start.
  • Easy: Since our solution is cloud-based, it’s easy to integrate into any website, application, CRM system, or business application
  • Fast: Get up and running in just a few hours. In no time, you will see how you can save time when your information is up-to-date and error-free
  • Affordable: We provide flexible, subscription-based pricing that fits any budget.

There is no reason to have inaccurate or incomplete data on your system. Our address validation software expands your database with quality information that helps your organization grow.